About the 12th Order

The 12th Order is a world-wide organization known also as The Final Order.

We are ruled or governed by our Sovereign director and whatever he says goes. Anyone is welcome to join us as long as they declare their allegiance and pay their membership dues. Our dues are 5% of the net income for full members and 1% of the net income for individuals with partial membership. All children of an individual are an additional 1% for partial members however included with full membership. Children must have their own membership after they reach 21 however may choose to become full fledged members anytime after they are employed.

We support global organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and UNICEF.

Our director decides what we choose to follow and may change it at any time.


The United Nations Children’s Fund, originally known as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, was created by United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1946, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children and mothers in countries that had been devastated by World War II.


Our Director is Samuel Stockton. He can be reached anytime by e-mail at director@12thorder.org although his response times may vary. The best thing is to email the admin team at admin@12thorder.org


Sophia Carson is a wonderful person and a beautiful actress. She helped recently with UNICEF and made a lasting impact. We love her and hope she continues to help people.

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We encourage people to support the mission of UNICEF, to volunteer, and for organizations and individuals to financially support the mission of UNICEF.

The things we do:

These are among the things we do and support.

Counseling and Advice Services


Global Tutoring

Gaming Community

Global Scholars

Financial Assistance

Global Impact

Global Education

Global Hardship Support


Here is a small list of teams. When in doubt e-mail our admin team and they will be happy to help direct you whether we include it or not. We want to help everyone so if we do not support it or are unable to then we will direct you to an organization that will.

  • Gaming gaming@12thorder.org
  • Education education@12thorder.org
  • Counseling counseling@12thorder.org
  • Scholarships scholars@12thorder.org
  • Admin admin@12thorder.org
  • Support support@12thorder.org
  • Dream Team dreamteam@12thorder.org
  • Abuse/Spam abuse@12thorder.org
  • Impact impact@12thorder.org
  • Finance finance@12thorder.org
  • Hardship hardship@12thorder.org
  • Inquiries inquries@12thorder.org

The reason we exist:

This is an interesting concept as to why we exist. We exist to please our director and to help the world through his vision. He has a vision of helping people at a Global level while supporting other Global organizations and to encourage peace and prosperity. He wants everyone to be able to afford to be members which is how the % was determined. This helps to ensure the pricing is fit for everyone.

The overall mission of the 12th Order is to support people world-wide and to encourage people to live in peace and prosperity.